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Discover and live the L&H sensation of being part of the city in a distinctive and unique way

The L&H philosophy is to facilitate a unique, personal and exclusive experience within all our establishments through the environment created and the care and effort invested in the details so that you can feel part of us and our city.

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The best areas of Madrid

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is located in the heart of the city of Madrid. This is a must-see for lovers of good food and the authentic cuisine of Madrid. This is a legendary square, because of its design and due to the amount of shops, cafes, restaurants that can be found surrounding it, and it is presided over by the statue off Philip III.

Puerta del Sol

The Puerta del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the busiest places in Madrid. Enjoy an urban style holiday in Madrid. Visit the Puerta del Sol and take a photo of yourself next to the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, or visit the city centre. At the Puerta del Sol you will find the legendary clock which is famous for its chimes.

Plaza España

The Plaza España in Madrid is one of the most central locations in the city. It is located between the Puerta del Sol and the Gran Via, so it is worth a small detour to visit the monument to Cervantes which can be found at its centre, along with the ponds and gardens.

Gran Via

The Gran Via is the most well-known street in Madrid. It is, without doubt, the connection point of the city. In Madrid's Gran Via you will find hundreds of shops, hotels and apartments to enjoy the perfect holiday in Madrid. In Gran Via you will also find some of the city's most important theatres.

Barrio de la Latina

The Barrio de la Latina is one of the most charismatic and traditional neighbourhoods in central Madrid. It is without doubt, a must see if you want to immerse yourself in the authentic Madrid and enjoy the best atmosphere of the city. In the Barrio de la Latina you can visit some of Madrid's most iconic locations.

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Urban Hotels in the centre of Madrid




L&H Hotels - Madrid

Taking care of you on your travels is our priority before and during your stay at L&H Hotels so you get that relaxation and disconnection you need

At L&H we think about your comfort and peace of mind, above all. It is essential in our philosophy to take care of all the details that make your experience more pleasant.
Feeling safe has never been easier with our cleaning certificates and protocols, our private transfer service for your trips and the option of filling up your fridge to forget about shopping and focus on enjoying your stay at L&H.


L&H Hotels - Madrid

An innovative design which is different and unique, creating the feeling of a distinct experience

Feel comfortable with interior and exterior spaces of our hotels flow into each other. The harmony created through our personality, the design and decoration of our rooms and the rest of the hotel, create a unique atmosphere, and we are always striving to provide those little details that make a difference.


L&H Hotels - Madrid

We can be found in the best areas for visiting the city, to make you feel part of it in a unique way.

At L&H we believe that there is no better way of discovering a city than being at its heart. This is why you will find us in the best areas of the city. We emphasise the importance of location, the feeling of being where you want to be, of feeling part of a place, its people and its urban surroundings. We achieve the perfect mix with our surroundings, our atmosphere and our exclusive service.


L&H Hotels - Madrid

We create an urban atmosphere to make the hotel flow with the city, making you feel that you are still immersed in it.

We create harmony between the town and the hotel by searching for the sensations that all our guests are looking for and need. We want guests to experience the sensations of comfort and privacy within our hotels, as well as a space where they can switch off without losing the urban atmosphere of the city.

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