We are looking forward to seeing you all and we know that the reunion will be something unforgettable

At L&H Hotels we are aware that the world has changed and we know your requirements in terms of safety, comfort and tranquility.

That is why we have taken a series of measures so that you and your family can enjoy both your L&H establishments and the city of Madrid in the best possible way.

Because Madrid is that great book to read and you still have many pages left.

And it is possible to enjoy it safely again at L&H Hotels

For this, from L&H we want to make you participate in all the changes that we have and we are going to make so that all of you can enjoy as you deserve, in the safest, most comfortable and quietest way.

L&h Hotels focuses its efforts on 3 key measures:


Your safety and that of our employees, your comfort to make your stay more pleasant and above all your peace of mind before and during your stay with all our services at your disposal, is the only objective of L&H Hotels. 


We establish measures and protocols both in the prevention of occupational hazards among our employees, as well as our own safety protocols and those marked by the Ministry of Health adapted to Covid 19.

The importance of cleaning, one of the pillars of L&H Hotels since its opening, gains strength in all aspects.

Our goal of Covid Free includes a thorough cleaning and disinfection protocol of rooms, common areas and transport service, as well as special attention from all our staff to respect safety distances between employees, as well as employees and customers.

All our equipment has been tested and will take all safety measures, such as their own hygiene and disinfection, daily temperature taking, safety distances and the use of masks and gloves.

The security measures include from ease and speed of check in to disinfectant gels in common areas such as reception and elevator, the use and occupation of this only for people who are in the same room and of course all our guests will be given disinfectant wipes in the room, as well as masks.


For your convenience we have thought that the best thing L&H Hotels can do for you is to make your stay as simple and practical as possible and to make you feel at ease.

-          Pre Check in order to facilitate the speed of the check in and avoid crowds, you can send all the necessary information so that when you arrive it is more practical, comfortable and safe.

-          The Welcome Breakfast Pack (free the first night until August 27th)

There's nothing more comfortable than being able to eat breakfast in your room without worrying about where you're going. Having breakfast in your room has never been easier.

-          The service fills up your fridge with which you can buy whatever you want before your arrival or during your stay and it will be available in your room. This way you will be able to cook what you want at all times, because remember, all the rooms have a kitchen.

-          Private Transfer Service for up to 4 people (1 free trip until August 27th)

We bring you and take you where you want and with the maximum and exhaustive measures of hygiene and security

(Maximum of 4 people per trip to maintain distance and disinfection after each trip)

 Forget about getting there!

L&H Hotels will take care of it


The mission of L&H Hotels is and will be YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

We want you to travel with tranquility, to not worry about where to go to buy what you need and want to have in your room, how to get to our establishments, and to know at all times the measures we are taking and will take before and during your stay.

So if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will resolve any issues you may have.

Because to travel and stay at L&H Hotels is to feel safe, comfortable and peaceful.

It's time to start enjoying yourself again and you will do so with the maximum guarantees in terms of safety.




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