Madrid is a beautiful and big city located in Spain, besides being the capital of the country.

Madrid is located in the central part of Spain, on the coastal plateau, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

If you want to enjoy a 2020 vacation in Madrid, start the day with a walk through the Retiro Park and then head to the Prado Museum to see the invaluable Royal Collections. You can continue enjoying your holidays in Madrid by visiting the Plaza Mayor or the Puerta del Sol.

Today, the square is full of elegant restaurants and the panorama is decorated with a statue of the horse of King Philip II.

Madrid: Paradise for lovers of tourism and fun

Madrid is a beautiful and big city located in Spain, besides being the capital of the country. As we have mentioned, it is located in the center of the country, next to the river Manzanares and at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

In addition to modern elements, the city also has elements that refer to its rich history. It has its origins in the ancient Roman Empire.

Madrid is internationally famous for its many world-famous tourist attractions. Therefore, we advise you to spend some time before your vacation to find out what you can do and see so you don’t miss anything during your visit to Madrid.

One of the symbols of the city is the Puerta del Sol, making it an ideal place to visit at the beginning of your vacation. It is an oval square where you can admire 18th century houses, a clock tower and a bronze bear statue.

Madrid attracts tourists interested in numerous museums, operas, palaces and religious buildings. The most popular and visited are undoubtedly the Church of San Isidro, the Temple of Debod, Metropolis, Casón del Buen Retiro, the Lighthouse of La Moncloa, the Prado Museum and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

Some of the most modern buildings are the skyscrapers built in the 20th century.

Madrid is one of the hottest cities in the world and it’s not just about the weather. This is due to the fiestas and bullfights that take place here. Holidays in Madrid tempt fans to have fun.

The atmosphere is comparable to the carnival of Rio, and this is also favored by the multitude of celebrations here and the temperament of the inhabitants.

For the calmest tourists, interested in nature and beautiful scenery, the wonderful gardens are recommended. Madrid has more than 40, and the Retiro Park and the Royal Botanical Garden of the Prado Museum are particularly noteworthy.

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If you want to visit other important cities in Spain, visit Barcelona, Zaragoza and Murcia. They await you with many attractions and unforgettable impressions.

Madrid: What to see on holiday?

There are visits you should not miss in Madrid, the views of Madrid are wonderful. The Royal Palace is the cradle of regional art: there is no shortage of Renaissance paintings, large chandeliers and the only complete Stradivarius arch in the world.

Currently, the palace is used only on occasions of great ceremonies, therefore, tourists coming on holiday can admire its interiors as well as the entire panorama from the Sabatini Gardens.

All lovers of fresh snacks will be interested in the San Miguel Market, located in the city center. The vibrant market is the perfect place to learn about the Spanish culinary tradition and discover new flavors.

 At the San Miguel market, there are international specialties, from regional paella and tapas to oriental sushi and caviar.

Accommodiation in Madrid

The city has all kinds of hotels, from hotels with all kinds of luxuries to hostels suitable for all pockets.

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Transfers for tourists in Madrid

The capital of Spain is famous for one of the best organised underground train networks in Europe, consisting of 15 lines and almost 300 stations. Subway tickets are not expensive, and allow you to quickly move around the city and visit the most important places.

Madrid is one of those cities where some of its neighborhoods have a lot of nightlife. If you are one of those who like to visit the cities at night, don’t forget to discover it and take advantage of the metro line to know the different points of the city.

Best time to go to Madrid: the weather

The capital of Spain has a Mediterranean climate. The city has mild winters during which the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Also, summers are usually warm.

The temperature is estimated at about 28 degrees Celsius, and on hot days it exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. The number of hours of sunshine in this period varies from nine to eleven per day. During the summer months there are two to six rainy days.

A good time to visit Madrid is spring. From March to June, the average temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius and there are usually between 9 and 10 rainy days per month.

In autumn and winter, temperatures range between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius. In addition, the chances of a slight snowfall in the city increase.

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Whatever the season, in Madrid there is always something to do and places to visit. A walk through the Retiro Park, visit the Royal Palace, get lost in its streets, visit the different historical neighbourhoods Don’t let the cold or the heat leave you without your holidays in Madrid. Your best holidays are in Madrid, and your best rest is at L&H Hotels. ¡ We’re waiting for you!

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