Spending Christmas in Madrid is a truly magical experience

It already smells like Christmas, the streets are decorated, the children excited and the elderly thinking about what to do on these dates. So today we will advise you what to do at Christmas in Madrid. Spending Christmas in Madrid is a truly magical experience, so don’t miss any of the options and events that are scheduled in the city during the month of December.

Even if you don’t celebrate these holidays, you will still enjoy Madrid this time of year because there are many options to choose from. What to do this month to experience the best Madrilenian Christmas.

See the Christmas lights

Every year, every neighborhood dresses up with its best Christmas lights! By December in Madrid, the streets will be illuminated by several light screens created by artists from all over the world.

Usually, each neighborhood will have its own unique Christmas lights that light up every day between 18:00 and 23:00, extending the hours both at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Take your camera and explore the streets of Madrid.

Christmas markets

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the markets! Tourists and citizens love to walk the streets of Madrid, especially during the Christmas season.

That is why Christmas in Madrid stands out for the squares, streets and churches that transform into lovely Christmas markets. The best way to make the most of these markets is simply to explore their stalls.

There will be markets everywhere that sell traditional food, products and Christmas crafts.

Some of the most important markets worth noting are:

- Christmas Market (Plaza Mayor)
- Craft Market Fair (Plaza de España)
- Christmas in the East (Plaza Opera)
- Medieval Christmas Market (Plaza Jacinto Benavente)
- Ice Rink, craft shop, Christmas tree and children’s show (Plaza Callao)

Ice skating

During the holiday season, the city becomes a beautiful and festive outdoor playground. Have a coffee or hot chocolate and join the Christmas spirit with your friends on the various indoor and outdoor tracks of the city.

You will find ice rinks located in Callao, Plaza la Luna, Plaza de Oriente, Palacio de Hielo and Plaza de Felipe II.

Tourist bus for Christmas

This two-story Christmas-themed bus ride will take you on a 50-minute night tour of Madrid. On the tour, you can enjoy the city’s Christmas light designs. You can hop on the bus at Plaza Colón. This is not a kind of up and down tour.

There is only one stop on the route, at Serrano 30, where you will get on and off the bus. Some people have tried to take this tour for a walk, but the bus is a much better option.

Christmas Garden at the Royal Botanical Garden

A Christmas tradition, the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid became the land of Christmas wonders during the month of December.

The garden will be decorated with lights so visitors can stroll. The Christmas Garden is open from 19 November to 6 January!

Exhibitions in Bethlehem

If you can not miss something, traditionally at Christmas, are the exhibitions of Bethlehem in Madrid. Throughout the month of December in Madrid, there are several places that configure detailed representations of the Nativity scenes that present entire cities.

Some of the most impressive scenes can be found in places like the Centro Palacio de Cibeles, the Casa de la Villa and the Museo de San Isidro. All exhibits are open and are completely free to visit.

New Year’s Eve at Puerta del Sol

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful night to celebrate in Madrid. Citizens gather at the Puerta del Sol for the countdown.

So celebrate with champagne, don’t forget the grapes at Puerta del Sol. Once you have reached the countdown, you must eat the 12 grapes before the clock stops ringing.

If you get it you’ll have good luck for the next year then you can toast and welcome it to the new year.

Three Kings Parade

The biggest parade in Madrid is the Three Kings Parade. (Three Kings Parade)

A glorious night where the whole city gathers in the streets to welcome the Magi on their journey through the city!

The parade is extremely elaborate with camels, carriages, shepherds, and the Magi throwing candy to the crowd. The parade begins at 18:00 on Avenida de la Castellana and continues to Plaza de Colón.

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