Travel to Madrid at Christmas

Madrid is one of the cities of the world known for its Christmas atmosphere at this time of year. Its incredible display in terms of lighting, Christmas events, decoration and activities for adults and children like Cortilandia, the Christmas events of the emblematic points, indoor ski slopes of Xanadu, Indoor and outdoor skating rinks, its nativity scenes and fairways drawn from a tale with Christmas markets, attract millions of tourists and visitors. If you are planning to travel to Madrid for Christmas, the best option is to stay in the Hotels of the center to avoid the jams that are formed in these dates and to be able to kick the city from the very heart of the city. Discover the best hotels to spend your holiday in Madrid with L&H Hotels.

What to do at Christmas in Madrid

The Christmas lighting, the Naviluz (explained below), the best numbers of the Circo Price, the Plaza Mayor Christmas market, the Góspel Festival, the spectacular musicals, the traditional chestnut trees, the nativity scenes, ice rinks, the Doña Manolita Lottery, the San Silvestre, the New Year’s Eve bells and the Three Kings parade. And so we could continue with a long etcetera of activities and Christmas plans that await you if you visit Madrid this Christmas.

Without a doubt, if you visit Madrid at Christmas one of the best plans is to grab a warm coffee, warm up well and discover the incredible Christmas lights of Madrid, either walking or on the Naviluz (double-decker bus with panoramic views making a beautiful tour of the most emblematic lighting in central Madrid)

Since 22 November and during all the Christmas celebrations in Madrid, lights of all colors flood the city, its streets, squares and buildings. The great part of the Christmas lighting is concentrated in the heart of Madrid, so if you are looking for hotels in Madrid at Navidad L&H Hotels becomes the perfect option to enjoy Christmas in Madrid.

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