The winter in Madrid offers its visitors an endless of activities and leisure plans.

Madrid is a city that surprises its visitors by its blue skies of great intensity, even during the coldest months. The climate in Madrid is dry, there are not too many rains throughout the year, so the weather in Madrid is usually very hot or very cold.

As we anticipated, summers are usually quite warm and winters cold, but regardless of the season or time you come to town, you will have a climate that will not prevent you from enjoying the attractions of this great European city.

Winter in Madrid

The winter in Madrid offers its visitors an endless of activities and leisure plans. Visiting the city at Christmas time has a special charm. The well-known and traditional lights of these Christmas dates, together with possible family activities, make the capital an ideal place to visit for Christmas. In Madrid the winters are cold and dry. Snow is not common, but it can occur in late December and in January, the coldest month, with an average of 6 ºC. However, visiting the capital during the Christmas holidays and coinciding with one of the winter snows is certainly a lot of luck. The city is dyed white and touring the streets of central Madrid in winter with that smell of roasted chestnuts is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the Christmas spirit that floods the city those months. Even so, it is very common on a totally clear day, so you can always enjoy a warm and pleasant midday sun.

Climate in Madrid in winter: average temperatura

The average temperature is around 14.5 and 15 C. Winters are moderately cold, with average temperatures in the coldest month (January) of around 6 C. The climate in winter in Madrid, during this month the average maximum temperatures are between 9.5 and 11 C, and the minimum temperatures between 0 and 3 C. Thus, frosts are frequent in winter, especially in the periphery, giving an average of about 15 frosts per year in the central area, and more than 50 on the periphery, especially in the north. The winter season in Madrid starts on 21 December and runs until 21 March, with a minimum temperature of 2 C and a maximum temperature of 16ºC.

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