Autumn is a time full of charm, halfway between the suffocating summer and the freezing winter.

 The reddish leaves, the first rains, the thin coats… Autumn is a time full of charm, halfway between the suffocating summer and the freezing winter. It is the perfect time to discover some of the most beautiful forests in the region, stroll through the city’s most famous parks or take refuge from the squalls in a cosy bar or restaurant.

What to do in Madrid in autumn

Without a doubt a perfect plan in the heart of the capital, is to visit the Botanical Garden or Park of the Retreat, that after the brightness of the summer and before the cold winter, nature in Madrid saw this wonderful park with copper and reddish hues. That is why this time of year becomes a perfect season to enjoy a pleasant stroll and on sunny days enjoy the terraces inside.

But perhaps this time is the ideal time to get away from the center and visit other enclaves that, just in autumn, become obligatory visits if you visit Madrid. That is why if you are planning a visit to Madrid in autumn, from L&H Hotels we recommend several plans away from the hustle and bustle of Madrid, to end the day in the heart of Madrid.

On the outskirts of the capital, in the district of Barajas, in the residential neighborhood of Alameda de Osuna, there is a private garden, which is rather a jewel of Romanticism, an extraordinarily preserved monument to the taste of the eighteenth century, the Caprice of the Alameda de Osuna. Within its 14 hectares you will come across an artificial river, lakes, forests, gardens, buildings that simulate temples and surprising corners. Strolling through this wonderful garden is certainly a perfect plan for the autumn sun days in Madrid.

What to visit in autumn from Madrid

Aranjuez is a privileged enclave, almost any time of the year, but it is in autumn when its large trees take on a very special color that makes walking through the gardens of Aranjuez a real delight. The garden of the island and the garden of the Parterre are next to the palace, of course the wonderful garden of El Príncipe. It is a real sight to see. In this garden you can visit the Casita del Labrador and the Faluas Museum.

Another “imprencidible” of the Madrilenian autumn is an excursion to the well-known and busy Monastery of El Escorial. One of the main features of the El Escorial Monastery, which you can visit in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the surroundings of Madrid, is its incredible monumentality. Also, wandering and terracing around San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a must-see if you are going to visit this wonderful site.

Chair by Felipe II near the Escorial. La Silla de Felipe II is an enclave close to San Lorenzo del Escorial, from where you can enjoy unique views. It is a beautiful site and full of history, being the viewpoint from where Felipe II watched the progress of the works of the monastery de Escorial. The area is surrounded by large trees and large rocks that your little ones will try to climb and then jump from them. You can make route from the escorial passing by the forest of the Herrería and then climb to the chair of Felipe II.

Autumn weather in Madrid

Autumn in Madrid is mild in October and, as November progresses, temperatures drop and rainfall increases to its maximum in this month and in December. The average temperature goes from 15 ºC in October to 7 ºC in December. In any case, it is an exceptional occasion to see the parks of the city dyed red and ochre. In autumn, it is also when you want to try some typical dishes of the local cuisine, such as the Madrilenian stew.

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