Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2019 comes right after summer ends, so it’s definitely a fantastic way to bid farewell to the warmer summer months in style for fashion lovers.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2019 comes right after summer ends, so it’s definitely a fantastic way to bid farewell to the warmer summer months in style for fashion lovers. As it does every year, this event will fill the streets of Madrid with stunning fashion, glamour, music, catwalks and both professionals of the industry and fashion lovers alike, transforming one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods into a festive ode to fashion. The event is completely free and open to all audiences. During this fashion night, the stands, brands and stores will offer big discounts, great music, catering and unique fashion-related experiences.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is a key event within the international fashion scene since it was first launched in 2009 to support and boost up the industry. This is an unmissable date held every year to ensure people enjoy an evening accompanied by their favourite fashion brands. This 2019 will be its 11th edition, and the 12th of September is the date chosen to celebrate this grand fashion event that everyone’s been waiting for. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Madrid 2019 will be the key event that will gather the best brands, catwalks and VIPs or celebrities in the national scene all in one same place.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out takes over the Salamanca neighbourhood

Vogue Fashion's Night Out takes place all over the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the heart of Madrid, with the Ortega y Gasset street being right at the centre of the whole party. This last place is also where Vogue will set up their headquarters to offer the best experiences to guests.

The event will also englobe many activities organised by some of the most famous brands and stores located in the districts of Salamanca and Fuencarral, which will open up during the whole night and will offer discounts, raffles, photoshoots, live music, cocktails and much more!

Stores and brands participating in the event

With over 150 shops taking part in the event, each one will organise their own mini-event. Therefore, this means that stores from two key urban areas in the city will open up for all buyers and fashion-lovers around: the Salamanca neighbourhood and the Las Salesas-Fuencarral area.

The ABC Serrano department store, as well as brands such as MAC, Alba Conde, Algo Bonito, American Vintage, Aristocrazy, Benefit Cosmetics, Brownie, Calzedonia, Cuple and Ese o Ese, will be available to all. If you want to take full advantage of this grand fashion event, make sure you check out the list of shops that the host, VOGUE, has already provided for you to keep up with all the activities taking place on the day.

Just like every year, Ortega y Gasset will be the headquarters of the event for the whole night. You won’t be able to miss it since it’ll be themed as a typical music festival scene. This year’s Fashion’s Night Out Madrid 2019, as they’ve already announced, will include two super Italian-style surprises: a Vespa motorbike and a Fontana di Trevi simulator.

If you love fashion in all its forms, put together a smashing outfit and overall look for this magical night because… you don’t want to miss out on the most exclusive event in the capital city! And, after a night filled with unique experiences, catwalks, fashion and glamour, head over to L&H Gran Vía Selection for a good night’s sleep.


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