Choose your favourite season and explore the capital

If you are wondering what sort of weather you’ll encounter during your visit in Madrid, we can assure you that, whichever the outcome, Madrid is fully equipped to offer all sorts of plans and fun activities that’ll ensure you live an unforgettable experience. Especially if you stay in the heart of the city with L&H Hotels! But of course, let’s check out all you need to know about the weather in Madrid first.

As soon as you arrive in Madrid, you’ll be surprised by the intense blue skies. The capital mainly has a dry climate, with very little rain throughout the year. Summers are hot and winters are cold, but whichever season you choose to visit the beautiful city, there’s still a great chance that you’ll get to witness one of the famous skies painted by Velázquez first-hand.  

Weather in Madrid depending on the season

In Spring, the city will be bursting with colour, with its beautiful gardens and urban parks and grasslands in full bloom. The first months do come with a little rain, and the average temperature in April is about 15 ºC. As May arrives, the weather turns and brings a more summery vibe, with an average temperature that ranges from 20 - 25ºC in June. At this time, the streets also become more lively as people start coming out more to enjoy the sunny terraces and lovely environment.

The weather in Madrid during the summer months is dry and can be quite hot, with an average temperature of about 25ºC in July and August that often surpasses the 30ºC. During this season, the days also become longer, and life and activities carry on until the late afternoon and into the night. People particularly like to enjoy the vibrant terraces on the streets and the incredible rooftops in Madrid at this time. Discover all about what to do in the Summer in Madrid with our latest post.

Furthermore, Autumn in the capital is subtle and mild in October, but as November kicks in the temperatures drop and the chance of rain increases. During November and December, the yearly maximum rainfall levels are reached. The average temperature goes from 15 ºC in October to 7ºC in December. The parks and landscapes dress up with the cosy colours of Fall and so it becomes the ideal season to indulge in typical warm dishes such as the “cocido madrileño” (typical Madrid stew). 

And last but not least comes the magical and marvellous winter season. In Madrid, winters are commonly cold and dry. It is unusual to see snow there, however, it can certainly happen near the end of December or beginning of January, the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 6 ºC. Nevertheless, with this weather in Madrid, you can still enjoy clear and sunny skies for the most part, as well as being able to witness the famous Christmas lights, the Three Kings Parade, the original New Year’s celebration in the Puerta del Sol or the blooming cherry trees in February, that turn Madrid’s sky to a lovely pink hue.

We know, now you fancy a holiday in Madrid at any time of year! Discover all that Madrid has to offer with L&H Hotels.

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