A complete guide with all the musts

A walk from Plaza Castilla along the most interesting sites

Taking the most modern part of the city, Plaza Castilla, as a starting point for your journey, you must first take a walk towards the four towers and, once there, descend making your way through the Castellana to visit the Picasso tower and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium until you finally reach Plaza de Colón. Along the route, be prepared to quickly get your phone or camera out, you’re going to be taking a bunch of photographs nonstop! If you want to tour the city and discover these sites, you can also choose to do so with the Tour Bus (“Bus Turístico” in Spanish), which offers different itineraries, and you can hop on and off as you like.

If you still want to know more about everything that Madrid has to offer, do not hesitate to drop by our front desk and ask away!

From Serrano to Madrid’s Retiro, passing through Puerta de Alcalá

Let’s go shopping in the Golden Mile of Madrid

If you want to go on a shopping spree, the Barrio de Salamanca is undoubtedly an ideal place to visit, but not only because of its many shops, brands and boutiques. Although you may be focused and distracted by the luxurious shop windows, the beautiful terraces and avenues along the way are also a must-visit in the heart of Madrid.

From Serrano, you can walk all the way up to the Puerto de Alcalá. However, don’t forget to stop along the way to snap some much-needed photographs! Once you arrive at Alcalá, take the opportunity to eat at one of the marvellous restaurants around the area, or if the weather’s nice, make your way to the park of El Retiro and have lunch at one of the charming terraces.

What to do on a Sunday in Madrid

Depending on your plans, we have many options in mind all full of must-sees for you to enjoy the best Sunday in Madrid. We suggest you start your special Sunday by indulging in a delicious Brunch at one of the restaurants and lounges in the centre of Madrid, such as Pumpum Café, Habanera or any rooftop with city views.

Unquestionably, you must visit the famous Museo del Prado. We thoroughly recommend you purchase your entry tickets in advance online first thing in the morning. Once you’ve finished your visit at El Prado museum, you can go for a walk towards the Neptuno plaza and, from there, go to Cibeles, where you’ll see the Town Hall, the Bank of Spain and the Linares Palace, also home to the Casa de América.

Enjoying tapas and terraces at the sunny La Latina

Another great plan for a Sunday, which has now become a deep-rooted tradition among both locals and tourists alike, is that of “terracear” (literally translated as “terracing”, meaning enjoying drinks, food and conversation sat at a bar terrace) under the sun at La Latina.  

Therefore, this also means that on Sundays, your best bet is to first go for a walk along the famous Gran Vía, where you will find all sorts of shops and restaurants. Then, head up to Sol and visit the Plaza Mayor; and if you’re still feeling it and have the energy, stop by one of the terraces at the bohemian neighbourhood of La Latina.


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