The bustling heart of the city.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid is 129 metres long and 94 metres wide, it is surrounded by porticos with lovely, busy cafés and terraces, as well as three-storey buildings designed in the typical style of Madrid’s old town.

The popular and touristic Plaza Mayor in Madrid is located right at the centre of Madrid, only a couple minutes walk away from the Puerta del Sol and the Palacio Real.

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What to see in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

At the Plaza Mayor, you’ll find three very special and emblematic spots:

Statue of Felipe III: Built in 1616 by Juan de Bolonia and Pietro Tacca, it was a gift from the Duque of Florence to the Spanish King. Until halfway through the XIX century, it was kept in the “Casa de Campo” (country house).

Casa de la Panadería (“Bakery house”): It is the most important building here, and was the first to be built back in 1590. Initially, it used to be the most important bakery in Madrid. The facade was decorated by Carlos Franco.

Arco de Cuchilleros (“Cutlers Arch”): This arch is the most popular entrance to the Plaza Mayor. The name derives from the neighbouring street, called Cuchilleros.

A lively and bustling square all 365 days

Though it might be hard to believe, Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is filled with a special kind of charm and magic all year round. During the colder months, the square is full of stalls, the distinct aroma of warm, roasted chestnuts, cafés where people stop for churros with hot chocolate, and both tourists and locals walking around enjoying the Christmas lights and stalls. Since almost 150 years ago, during Christmas time, the Plaza Mayor fills up with numerous themed stalls selling Christmas trinkets, fun games and all types of costumes.

When Winter says goodbye and the sunny weather takes over, the square is then filled with locals and tourists walking around under the warm sun, kids playing around, bars and café terraces bursting with people wanting to enjoy a relaxing moment, the fantastic views, great company, and the delicious typical cuisine of the capital.

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