Learn all about it and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Madrid Central, learn all about it and avoid unpleasant surprises

You might have already heard about it on the news, and you are probably also familiarised with the subject. However, those of you who aren’t residents might still have some doubts or questions.

For this reason, at L&H Hotels we will gladly solve any questions you might have. However, for those of you who are thinking about visiting Madrid and are renting a car, or want to use services such as Cabify or Uber, or carsharing apps like Emov and Zity, here’s a summary on all you need to know about the new driving restrictions that apply to Madrid Central. Note that these are all already active and in place to all its purposes.

What is Madrid Central?

Madrid Central is the first big measure taken to comply with the City Council’s Plan A of Air Quality, which seeks to drastically reduce the levels of contamination, favour pedestrian mobility, and encourage the use of public transport.

Madrid Central is, therefore, a new restricted zone protected from the low emissions generated by polluting gases which currently affect 472 acres of the centre of the capital.

It comprises the four major residential areas which were already active (Letras, Cortes, Embajadores and Ópera), as well as two new districts: Justicia and Universidad.

Can I get a taxi or use VTC services?

When it comes to taxis or VTC’s (Cabify or Uber), only those awarded with the environmental distinction can access the area freely until 2025. Therefore, this means that those without the DGT label or tag won’t be able to access. From 2025 onwards, only vehicles classified as CERO or ECO will be able to enter the Madrid Central area. Additionally, VTC’s must request a special permit if their vehicles have either the B or C labels.

Carsharing, yes or no?

Carsharing Apps such as Zity or Emov to move around the city are becoming more and more popular among both residents and tourists alike.

This carsharing philosophy means that vehicles are rented by the minute instead of on a daily basis. This enables you to rent one of these cars from the App wherever you are and drop it off at your final destination, where someone else can then rent it out.

All vehicles are ECO and fully electric, therefore this type of transport can comfortably travel through Madrid Central without there being any problem. Plus, it’s also a cheaper and more eco-friendly option. In conclusion: Yes! You can access Madrid Central with these vehicles.

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